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Hi-Lite Solutions manufactures eco-friendly, powerful and very effective, cutting edge cleaning products that are authorized for military purchase through the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency).

In all branches of the Armed Forces the cleanliness, and ultimately the safety, of their facilities, aircraft, vehicles and equipment is a top priority. The modern military realizes that using traditional hazardous solvents and cleaners risks the health of our men and women in uniform, and puts the environment in harm’s way. Hi-Lite Solutions ‘Aero-Green Specialty Cleaners’ provide the military with safe, non-toxic, user-friendly, water based cleaners and degreasers. Safe for use on all surfaces, Aero-Green products allow for a 95% reduction in VOC’s, while providing equal or better residue free cleaning performance than the toxic cleaning solvents they were designed to replace.

Hi-Lite Solution’s Aero-Green Specialty Cleaners meet or exceed the accepted criteria set forth by the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency)

  • will not harm equipment, landscaping, or contaminate ground water
  • prevent corrosion by working safely and effectively on all metals
  • compatible with oil / water separators and wastewater treatment systems
  • safe for personnel / require no respirator or hazardous training
  • user-friendly / easy to apply, easy to rinse, residue free
  • non-combustible / cheaper to ship, easier to store, safer to use.

4015 Concentrated Aircraft Exterior Cleaner

Aero-Green 4015 Concentrated Aircraft Exterior Cleaner is water-based, readily biodegradable aircraft and helicopter cleaner that safely removes soils from all painted and unpainted plastic and metal surfaces better than traditional hazardous solvents. Aero-Green 4015 is powerful enough to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Diluted with water 8 to 1, this cost effective, user-friendly, non-toxic cleaner, can be easily applied by brush, foam generator, mop, spray or sponge. Aero-Green 4015 quickly removes exhaust residue, oily soot and oxidized organic fluids, leaving your aircraft ‘showroom’ clean, easier to maintain and safer to fly.

55 Gallon Drum: 6850-01-373-5865
5 Gallon Pail: 6850-01-426-6682

4035 Runway Rubber Remover

Aero-Green 4035 Runway Rubber Remover is a 100% readily biodegradable, eco-friendly, strategically designed cleaning solution that emulsifies rubber from the runway surface dissolving the rubber residue into the solution. It is a very powerful and effective chemical cleaning technology, that when combined with heavy duty sweeper / broom scrubbing action or hydro agitation, safely and quickly removes the carbonized rubber residue build-up on airport runways that can make the touch down zone slippery and hazardous. Aero-Green 4035 Runway Rubber Remover thoroughly removes runway rubber residue, making the touch down zone safe for landing aircraft. It is a residue-free, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-combustible solution that contains no caustic ingredients, so it won’t harm metals, runway pavement seals and caulking compounds, runway lights, landing aircraft or airport personnel.


330 Gallon Tote: 6850-01-598-2899
55 Gallon Drum: 6850-01-598-2900
5 Gallon Pail: 6850-01-598-2898

4065 Ready To Use Aircraft Exterior Cleaner

Aero-Green 4065 Ready To Use Aircraft Exterior Cleaner is an eco-friendly, water-based cleaner that safely and efficiently cleans your aircraft, making them easier to maintain and safer to operate. This non-flammable, readily biodegradable cleaner is a superior product  that when conveniently used straight out of the 55 gallon drum, rinses free with water, without leaving a residue or film. Aero-Green 4065 quickly removes carbonaceous soils associated with jet engine and helicopter operations, as well as caked on dirt and grime. Aero-Green 4065’s state-of-the-art technology makes it the safest and the most effective aircraft cleaner on the market.

55 Gallon Drum: 6850-01-434-6555
5 Gallon Pail: 6850-01-434-6553
6-1 Gallon Case: 6850-01-434-6556
12-32 Oz Quarts: 6850-01-434-6557

4130 High Pressure Cleaner Degreaser

Aero-Green 4130 High Pressure Cleaner Degreaser is a concentrated, very powerful, eco-friendly, aqueous cleaner. It can be used to thoroughly clean all types of vehicles, heavy machinery and industrial equipment. It is also very effective when cleaning large surfaces such as exterior buildings, interior walls, ceilings, floors and stairways. When used with both cold and heated high pressure washers, Aero-Green 4130 attacks, quickly breaks down and safely removes dirt, concrete dust, exhaust soot, oils, greases, hydraulic fluids and fuel residue, as well as a variety of soils. It dries quickly, leaving a residue free clean surface. Aero-Green 4130 is also very effective when used as a pre-soak solution prior to steam cleaning.

55 Gallon Drum: 6850-01-436-8302
5 Gallon Pail: 6850-01-436-8691

4140 Concrete Cleaner

Aero-Green 4140 Concrete Cleaner is an extremely efficient, water-based, readily biodegradable, high pressure cleaner degreaser. Designed to be cost effective and easy to use with cold or heated high pressure washers, this product is formulated to be a safe, non-hazardous, drop-in replacement for traditional toxic solvents. Aero-Green 4140 quickly and easily removes caked on dirt, oils, greases, fuel residue, mold, mildew, fungus, along with a variety of soils from any concrete surface.

55 Gallon Drum: 6850-01-369-2475
5 Gallon Pail: 6850-01-369-9303
6-1 Gallon Case: 6850-01-369-2474


4150 Immersion Degreaser

Aero-Green 4150 Immersion Degreaser is a concentrated, water-based cleaning agent for use in heated immersion tanks, ultrasonic degreasers, parts washers and heated spray cabinet washers. It does an excellent job cleaning a variety of industrial and mechanical equipment, including automotive components. Aero-Green 4150’s exceptional heavy-duty cleaning performance is due to state-of-the-art chemistry. This non-flammable, non-chlorinated degreaser is a direct replacement for toxic solvents. Aero-Green 4150 removes oil, grease and other soils more effectively and dries much more rapidly than the high flash solvents (140-150 F) typically used in cold parts washer units.

55 Gallon Drum: 6850-01-373-5867
5 Gallon Pail: 6850-01-373-5866 

4160 Parts Washer Degreaser

Aero-Green 4160 Parts Washer Degreaser is designed to provide superior cleaning of mechanical parts, engine support equipment, automotive and aircraft components. It’s very powerful formula makes it easy to remove oils, grease and other tough soils. Aero-Green 4160 is mixed with water in a dip or immersion tank, ultrasonic tank, or in-line system. Then the parts are cleaned in the solution. The solution can last for weeks depending on the frequency of use and the size of the tank. Aero-Green 4160 contains a rust inhibitor. After the part has been cleaned it can be immediately worked on or shelved for some time without any corrosion forming on the surface.

55 Gallon Drum: 6850-01-426-6681
5 Gallon Pail: 6850-01-426-6678