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Sherwin-Williams ProVisions line of AEROGREEN Specialty Cleaners, manufactured by Hi-Lite Solutions, gives you the tools to safely clean and prepare almost any surface for a finished coat of paint. Sherwin-Williams understands how important it is to properly clean and prepare a surface prior to painting to ensure the best bond between the coating and the surface. The vast majority of coating failures can be directly attributed to inadequate surface preparation, which affects coating adhesion. 

It’s just as important to Sherwin-Williams that the products they sell are environmentally sound, cost effective and safe solutions that reduce any negative impact on the environment, while providing equal or better performance than their traditional toxic counterparts. So how do you get the best finish possible, and still ‘Go Green’? It’s simple … prep the job with AEROGREEN’s highly effective, eco-friendly, water based paint prep cleaners and degreasers listed below, and finish the job with Sherwin-Williams products. 

4110 Paint Prep Cleaner

In order to Go Green, and reduce VOC’s in the paint industry, solvent based paints are rapidly being replaced by water-based paints.  AEROGREEN’s 4110 Paint Prep Cleaner, the first non-toxic, water-based product on the market designed to safely clean and prepare all surfaces for paint, works better than traditional toxic cleaners with the industry’s new paints. Because the paint and AEROGREEN 4110 both use water based technology, there are very compatible, so the paint bonds better to the surface, leaving little or no imperfections in the painted surface. When used alone or in combination with the other AEROGREEN products in the Sherwin Williams ProVisions line, cleaning the surface with AEROGREEN 4110 is the final and most important step to ensure a professional flawless finish.

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4130 High Pressure Cleaner Degreaser

AEROGREEN 4130 High Pressure Cleaner Degreaser, is a concentrated cleaner used to prepare large surfaces such as exterior buildings, interior walls, ceilings, floors and stairways, for paint. AEROGREEN 4130, when used with both cold and heated high pressure washers, quickly breaks down and safely removes dirt, concrete dust, exhaust soot, oils, greases, hydraulic fluids and fuel residue, as well as a variety of soils, leaving a residue free clean surface ready to be painted. It’s recommended that after using AEROGREEN 4130, you give metal doors, window frames and railings, a quick wipe with AEROGREEN 4110 before painting.

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4160 Parts Washer Degreaser

AEROGREEN 4160 Parts Washer Degreaser is designed to provide superior cleaning of mechanical parts, engine support equipment and automotive components that are to be painted. AEROGREEN 4160 is mixed with water in a dip or immersion tank, ultrasonic tank, or in-line system, then the pieces to be painted are cleaned in the solution, and set aside until it’s time to paint. The solution can last for weeks depending on the frequency of use and the size of the tank. AEROGREEN 4160 contains a rust inhibitor, so that the part can be worked on or shelved for some time before painting without any corrosion forming on the surface. The part would get a final wipe down with AEROGREEN 4110 to remove any surface dust or dirt right before it’s painted.

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4175 Ink and Coating Remover

AEROGREEN 4175 Ink and Coating Remover has a special additive in its non-toxic, water soluble formula that makes it very effective in removing tars; solvent, oil and water based inks; and adhesives on equipment, machines and floors that are to be painted.  Before cleaning the object to be painted with AEROGREEN 4175, use AEROGREEN 4110 Paint Prep Cleaner to remove all the oils, dirts and greases on the surface first. The tars, inks and adhesives left behind are then cleaned away using AEROGREEN 4175. After that, clean the piece again with AEROGREEN 4110 to remove any residue left behind from AEROGREEN 4175 to ensure that the paint properly adheres to the surface.

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AC-10 Rust Remover and Metal Prep

AEROGREEN AC-10 Rust Remover and Metal Prep is specially formulated to remove rust or any type of oxidation on the surface of a metal part prior to painting. Depending on the surface to be cleaned, this clear, odorless, innovative product can be diluted with water and brushed on, sprayed on, or used in cold or heated dip tanks for the best results. AEROGREEN AC-10 is also used when a part has been welded prior to painting. The welded area of the part is wiped down with AEROGREEN AC-10 to prep the metal. After removing rust or prepping the metal with AEROGREEN AC-10, the part is given a final wipe down with AEROGREEN 4110 prior to painting.

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