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About Us

At Hi-Lite Solutions our vision, values, mission and operating principles have been fine tuned over the past 20 years to guide us in the manufacturing of AEROGREEN, our full line of environmentally preferred specialty cleaners. We’re a growing dynamic company with a strong sense of who we are, and an unyielding commitment to putting our customers, and the environment we all live in, first. 

As the manufacturer of AEROGREEN Specialty Cleaners, we have established the complete integration of environmental, health, safety, and security (EHS&S) management practices throughout our operations to insure we offer nothing but the highest quality products. Our professional, well trained sales staff and service department are committed to understanding your cleaning requirements and to providing you with the specific products that best suit your needs.

The Hi-Lite Solutions team believes it’s everyone’s responsibility to help transform the environment into a cleaner, healthier place to live by going green whenever possible. Hi-Lite Solutions innovative, eco-friendly cleaning products will help your company ‘go green’, and that means a lot to your customers today and to the children of tomorrow.  


Our Facility

Hi-Lite Solutions headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Clear Brook, Virginia. Our 13,000 square ft. facility on five acres houses the administrative and sales offices as well as the new manufacturing plant and warehouse. The blending tanks in the plant enable simultaneous manufacturing of four different product lines at the same time. The expansive warehouse allows for the storage of finished product and raw materials so that orders can be instantly filled as they come in, better serving the needs of our the customers. The new lab for our in-house chemist helps us assist customers with the development of any specialty product needs that they may have. We also offer a private labeling product line system, producing products for other companies to label as their own line.

Ms. Bobbie Pettit is the Vice President of Business Development for Hi-Lite Solutions. Ms. Pettit has over twenty years of experience and education in the development and technical support of environmentally preferred specialty cleaners. She has a solid reputation for fulfilling the industrial cleaning needs of numerous companies throughout the United States.  Ms. Pettit’s work addresses the new EPA requirements providing ‘Environmentally Preferred Specialty Products’ to replace the use and the need for hazardous chemicals in the work place.